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Service launch checklist

Use this checklist to self-diagnose your payment service before launch.
💡 Before deploying your service to production, check the details that are easy to miss to prevent production failures.

✍️ All services

  • Configure i'mport console -> system settings with production settings
    • Set PG Merchant ID / PG Secret.
    • Set test mode to OFF.
    • Set webhook (notification) URL.
    • Set IP security settings.
    • Check the credit card usage/merchant interest payment installment settings.
    • Set m_redirect_URL (for when using redirect mode (mobile/PayPal)).
    • Set confirm_URL (for when using the service - must request to i'mport in advance)
  • Successful payment window call and result processing
    • The payment window for the specified PG opened.
    • After payment, the result is successfully received via callback/via 302 redirect to m_redirect_url.
    • When the payment is completed (paid/canceled), the processing result is successfully received via webhook.
    • The received webhook data (result) is successfully updated in the system.
    • Responded to webhook with HTTP 200.
    • There is logic to handle the case when the result cannot be verified due to a communication error during payment/cancellation.
    • There is a reprocessing logic for each payment/cancellation failure reason. (Example: A failed cancellation can be reattempted.)
    • Provides or can instruct about the function to check the transaction details for payment/cancellation.
    • Can check the data for key items. (Approval number/imp_uid/merchant_uid)
    • There is logic to process a duplicate result that is received.
⚠️ Check the following checklists by payment method.

💳 Credit card

  • Pass all credit card company reviews, and complete approval and full/partial cancellation tests.
  • Verify that installment and interest-free settings are shown correctly in the payment window.
  • Successfully process payment/cancellation with check/credit/foreign credit cards (foreign credit cards require a separate contract).
  • Set tax free/taxable amount is displayed correctly in the PG's admin/sales slip.
  • For subscription payment, billing key is issued and the payment is completed successfully.
  • If payment fails, the corresponding billing key can be deleted and reissued for a new payment info to make a payment.

💵 Virtual account

  • Can obtain the bank name using the bank code of the issued virtual account.
  • Can send the issued virtual account to the payer and then delete it.
  • Can receive the deposit result and update it in the system.
  • Can update a deposit cancellation in the system.
  • Can request and process a refund when a refund is requested.

💸 Account transfer

  • Can obtain the bank name using the bank code used for withdrawal and transfer.
  • Can request and process a refund when a refund is requested.

📱Mobile phone

  • Pass all phone carrier reviews and complete approval and full/partial cancellation tests.
    (Partial cancellation is not supported except for Inicis and KCP (separate agreement required))
  • Approved transactions can only be cancelled during the month when the transaction occurred.

🙋 Identity verification

  • Sign an agreement for foreigner status check, if needed.

🧾 Cash receipt

  • Can search for and cancel an issued receipt.
  • Can process i'mport transactions and other transactions separately.

⚠️ Test all test cases in the target payment environment.
OS / Browser
IE / Edge
Portal WebView
SNS WebView
Mac OS
  • Create info.plist to link to external PG apps in iOS.
  • Pass app_scheme to return to the merchant app after payment.