Request identity verification API

Sends OTP number via SMS confirming the user's identity based on the submitted personal information.

Sends OTP number confirming user's identity via SMS.

Key request parameter description

Gender code
7th digit of 13-digit social security number
1 or 2 for those born before 2000, 3 or 4 those born on or after 2000 (odd: male, even: female)
Carrier code
For budget phone users, set carrier to one of SKT, KT, or LGT, and set
is_mvno : true
Merchant service name
Service name to use in the SMS sent by KISA
pg String
PG code
Specify this value as follows only when you are using multiple Danal Merchant IDs.
danal.{Merchant ID}
Response Model Schema
"code": 0,
"message": "string",
"response": {
"imp_uid": "string"