Request billing key API

Requests a billing key with credit card information.

Requests a billing key with the customer's credit card information.

Key request parameter description

pg * string
PG code
When using multiple MIDs for the same PG, specify as PG code.MID.
Example: PG = NHN KCP and site code = IPXC
birth * string
May be omitted for some PGs upon pre-agreement.
customer_id string
Customer ID
For Toss Payments only
Using this API requires a pre-agreement with the PG.
  • You may modify the required card information upon agreement with the PG.
  • Special attention to security is required due to using sensitive card information.
  • The customer_uid must be unique and issued per customer-card number pair.
Response Model Schema
"code": 0,
"message": "string",
"response": {
"customer_uid": "string",
"pg_provider": "string",
"pg_id": "string",
"card_name": "string",
"card_code": "string",
"card_number": "string",
"card_type": "null",
"customer_name": "string",
"customer_tel": "string",
"customer_email": "string",
"customer_addr": "string",
"customer_postcode": "string",
"inserted": 0,
"updated": 0