Payment response parameters

Callback response data for payment request

Properties that are returned vary by PG or payment method.
success * boolean
Whether or not the payment succeded
True when payment is approved or virtual account is issued
(returned as imp_success for some PG/payment method)
error_code * string
Error code
PG's error code when payment fails.
error_msg * string
Error message
PG's error message when payment fails.
imp_uid * string
Unique i'mport payment ID
This may be null if success is false and validation fails.
merchant_uid * string
Order ID
pay_method * string
Payment method code
Payment method codes
  • card (credit card)
  • trans(instant account transfer)
  • vbank(virtual account)
  • phone(mobile micropayment)
  • samsung(Samsung Pay)
  • kpay (KPay app)
  • kakaopay(Kakao Pay)
  • payco ( PAYCO)
  • lpay (LPAY)
  • ssgpay(SSG Pay)
  • tosspay(Toss simple pay)
  • cultureland(Cultureland)
  • smartculture(Smart Culture)
  • happymoney(Happy Money)
  • booknlife(Book culture gift certificate)
  • point(points, e.g., Benepia)
  • wechat(WeChat Pay)
  • alipay(Alipay)
  • unionpay(UnionPay)
  • tenpay(TenPay)
paid_amount * number
status * string
  • ready (payment in progress: payment window lost focus, virtual account issued)
  • paid (payment complete)
  • failed (payment failed: credit card limit exceeded, insufficient check card balance, payment window closed or cancel button clicked)
name * string
Customer name
pg_provider * string
PG code
PG codes
emb_pg_provider string
Simple pay PG code
Simple pay PG that approved the payment
  • This is omitted for some PGs or when simple payment is not selected.
Simple pay codes
  • naverpay
  • kakopay
  • payco
  • samsungpay
  • ssgpay
  • lpay
  • kpay
pg_tid * string
PG transaction ID
PG assigned unique transaction ID.
buyer_name * string
Customer name
buyer_email * string
Customer email
buyer_tel * string
Customer phone number
buyer_addr * string
Customer address
buyer_postcode * string
Customer zip code
custom_data * string
Merchant custom data
paid_at * string
Payment approved at (UNIX timestamp)
What is UNIX timestamp?
Unix time is a way of representing time. It is also called POSIX time or Epoch time. The time elapsed from 00:00:00 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on January 1, 1970 is converted into seconds and expressed as an integer. In Unix time, leap seconds are ignored. It is used by Unix-like operating systems and several other operating systems and file formats. Because of the leap second processing method, time cannot be expressed linearly, and leap seconds cannot be expressed in Coordinated Universal Time.
receipt_url string
Transaction receipt URL

Additional properties

apply_num string
Credit card approval number
  • For credit card payment only
vbank_num string
Virtual account number
As received from PG, may contain special characters (-).
vbank_name string
Virtual account bank
vbank_holder string
Virtual account holder
Shows business name on the contract. Some PGs may return null and requires additional processing.
vbank_date string
Virtual account expiration (UNIX timestamp)
Sample response object
apply_num: "42827474",
bank_name: null,
buyer_addr: "Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul",
buyer_email: "[email protected]",
buyer_name: "iamport tech support",
buyer_postcode: "123-456",
buyer_tel: "010-1234-5678",
card_name: "Shinhan card",
card_number: "5428790000000294",
card_quota: 0,
currency: "KRW",
custom_data: null,
imp_uid: "imp_347242536261",
merchant_uid: "57008833-33004",
name: "Carrot 10kg",
paid_amount: 1004,
paid_at: 1648344363,
pay_method: "card",
pg_provider: "kcp",
pg_tid: "22336466628585",
pg_type: "payment",
receipt_url: "",
status: "paid",
success: true