đŸ’ŋIdentity verification request parameters

certification(param, callback)

merchant_uid * string

Order ID

Unique order ID generated/managed by the merchant

min_age integer

Minimum age allowed for verification

Only supported by Danal PG verification

name string

Customer name

Auto filled value in the name field of verification window

phone string

Customer phone number

Auto filled value in the phone field of verification window

carrier string


  • SKT : SKT

  • KT : KTF

  • LGU+ : LGT

  • Budget phone : MVNO

company string

Service domain URL or name

  • Service domain URL (Example: https://www.iamport.co.kr) or service name (Example: i'mport)

  • This does not directly affect identity verification, but input is recommended for integration with the KISA's ePrivacy Clean Service

  • Recommended when this function is called via local html in ReactNative/Ionic app since URL domain is unknown (Default: i'mport)

m_redirect_url string

Redirect URL

URL to redirect to after verfication is complete in mobile

imp_uid, merchant_uid and success are appended as query string to the redirect URL.

popup boolean

Option to open verification page in a popup window

  • PC: forcibly set to popup: true

  • Mobile: if you set popup: false, you must specify m_redirect_url

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