Paymentwall payment window integration guide

1. Configure Paymentwall PG settings

Refer to the Paymentwall settings page to configure the PG settings.

2. Request payment

To open the payment window, call JavaScript SDK IMP.request_pay(param, callback).
In PC browsers, callback is invoked after calling IMP.request_pay(param, callback). In mobile browsers, the page is redirected to m_redirect_url.
Authenticated payment request
Non-authenticated payment request
Javascript SDK
pg : 'paymentwall',
pay_method : 'card', // In Paymentwall, the payment method is activated based on the country IP. (Can be omitted)
merchant_uid : '{Merchant created Order ID}', // Example: order_no_0001
name : 'Order name: Test payment request',
amount : 14000,
currency : 'KRW' // required
buyer_email : '[email protected]', // required
buyer_name : 'Jack Son', // Must include a space between Firstname Lastname
buyer_tel : '010-1234-5678',
buyer_addr : 'Shinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul',
buyer_postcode : '123-456',
m_redirect_url : '{Mobile only - URL to redirect to after payment approval}', // Example:
bypass: {
// Set this for Terminal 3 only, Defualt: general payment window opens
widget_code: "t3_1",
// Set to enable specific payment method, set to 'all'(default) to enable all methods supported by your country
ps : "all",
country_code:"DE" // Set this to enable all payment methods supported by the country
}, function(rsp) { // callback logic
//* ...Omitted... *//

Key parameter description

pg * string
PG code
  • If not specified and this is the only PG setting that exists, default PG is automatically set.
  • If there are multiple PG settings, set to paymentwall.
pay_method string
Payment method code (Can be omitted)
You can manage your payment methods by enabling Project from the Paymentwall website.
(Payment methods are enabled based on your country IP by default)
merchant_uid * string
Order ID
Must be unique for each request.
amount * integer
Payment amount
Must be an integer (not string)
Customer name
Customer email address
Paymentwall specific parameter
  • widget_code : Set this to t3_1 for Terminal 3 only, Defualt: general payment window
  • ps : Set to enable specific payment method. For available codes, refer to Payment system short codes. Example: kakaopaykr = Kakao Pay
  • country_code : Payment methods are shown based on this code. (Country codes)
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