📋i'mport API overview

Get an overview of the i'mport API.

Learn how to configure HTTP header in i'mport API call.

  1. Call /users/getToken with API Key & API secret to get an access_token.

  2. In the API call, include the access_token as Authorization:access_token or X-ImpTokenHeader:access_token in the HTTP header.


API Content-Type supported in i'mport is:


Agency Merchant

Sub-merchants must specify the following in the HTTP Header and use the Agent account's API key and Secret to call the i'mport API.

  • "Tier" : "Tier code(Sub-merchant Tier Code)"

API specification

To check the detailed specification for i'mport API response, select the HTTP Status 200 response as shown below.

API Swagger site

i'mport supports the Swagger API Specification.


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