Request cash receipt (external) API

Requests a cash receipt for an external cash transaction.

Supported PGs
  • Settle Bank
  • NICE Payments
  • PAYJOA (Daou)
  • KICC
Requests a cash receipt for an external cash transaction.

Key request parameter description

Cash receipt code
Enter the National Tax Service cash receipt card, mobile phone number, social security number, or business registration number.
Cash receipt code type
Required for KICC and Settlebank only
Request for KG INICIS/NHN KCP/Nice Payments/PayJoa is automatically processed with only the identifier.
pg * string
PG code
This is required when there are multiple API method, non-authenticated PG settings in the Admin console.
If there are multiple MID settings for the same PG, specify as:
{PG}.{PG Merchant ID}
If this is unspecified or set to an invalid value, the default PG is used.
  • If there are 2 PG settings, NICE Payments and JTNet, specify as nice or jtnet.
  • If you have multiple MIDs from NICE Payments, specify as nice.MID1 or nice.MID2.
Response Model Schema
"code": 0,
"message": "string",
"response": {
"merchant_uid": "string",
"receipt_tid": "string",
"apply_num": "string",
"type": "person",
"amount": 0,
"vat": 0,
"receipt_url": "string",
"applied_at": 0,
"cancelled_at": 0