Payment request parameters


pg * string
PG code
If not specified or invalid, the default PG setting in Admin console is used.
PG codes
pay_method * string
Payment method code
Varies by PG.
Payment method codes
  • card (credit card)
  • trans(instant account transfer)
  • vbank(virtual account)
  • phone(mobile micropayment)
  • samsung(Samsung Pay)
  • kpay (KPay app)
  • kakaopay(Kakao Pay)
  • payco ( PAYCO)
  • lpay (LPAY)
  • ssgpay(SSG Pay)
  • tosspay(Toss simple pay)
  • cultureland(Cultureland)
  • smartculture(Smart Culture)
  • happymoney(Happy Money)
  • booknlife(Book culture gift certificate)
  • point(points, e.g., Benepia)
  • wechat(WeChat Pay)
  • alipay(Alipay)
  • unionpay(UnionPay)
  • tenpay(TenPay)
escrow boolean
Option to open escrow payment window
Supported by only some PGs.
  • Requires pre-approval from PG
merchant_uid * string
Merchant order ID
  • Order ID generated uniquely for each request.
  • Max 40 bytes
  • If you specify an ID used for already approved transaction, your request will be rejected.
name string
Product name
  • Max 16 bytes
amount * number
  • Must be numeric
custom_data object
Custom data
  • Can be received as echo in the response.
  • Saved as JSON notation (string).
  • Use to specify additional order information.
tax_free number
Tax free amount
  • Tax free amount (out of amount)
currency string
Currency codes
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
language string
Language for payment window (Supported by only some PGs.)
Language codes
  • en (English)
  • ko (Korean)
buyer_name * string
Customer name
buyer_tel string
Customer phone number
  • Some PGs throw an error if this is not specified
buyer_email string
Customer email
  • Some PGs throw an error if this is not specified (Paymentwall)
buyer_addr string
Customer address
buyer_postcode string
Customer zip code
confirm_url string
Merchant endpoint url when using confirm_process
notice_url string
Webhook URL
  • URL to use instead of Notification URL set in Admin Console (set for each request)
  • If specified, notification is not sent to the URL set in Admin Console.
customer_uid string
Merchant defined billing key
Customer billing key that is mapped 1:1 with the billing key for non-authenticated payment.

Additional properties

digital boolean
Option to specify the product as digital content
  • Required for mobile micropayment
  • For intangible product, set to true
  • Note that fees vary depending on this option.
vbank_due string
Virtual account expiration
  • For virtual account payment
  • YYYYMMDDhhmm
m_redirect_url string
EndPoint URL to redirect to after payment is complete
  • Required in redirection mode
  • Required in most mobile payment environments.
  • If not specified in redirection mode, you cannot receive the payment result.
app_scheme string
URL scheme for returning to the app during mobile app payment
  • Required for WebView payment
  • Used to return to the original app after verifying payment info from ISP/App card app
biz_num string
Business registration number
  • Required for Danal-virtual account payment

Additional functions

Installment setting
Direct credit card module call
Enable specific credit cards
display: {
card_quota: [6] // Display up to 6 months installment plans
  • card_quota :
    • []: Only immediate pay
    • 2,3,4,5,6: immediate, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 month installment plans
Installment plan option is available only for KRW 50,000 or more.
Example of allowing up to 3 months installment plans
card: {
direct: {
code: "367",
quota: 3
  • code: Credit card code (string)
  • quota: Installment plan. For immediate, set to 0. (integer)
  • Currently, direct call to the credit card company's payment window is only supported by 6 PGs: KG Inicis, KCP, Toss Payments, Nice Payments, KICC, and Danal.
  • Some PGs do not support direct call to credit card company's payment windows for all Merchant IDs. You must check your Merchant ID with each PG for direct call support.
Example of direct call to Hyundai Card module
card : {
detail : [
{card_code:"*", enabled:false}, // Disable all credit cards
{card_code:'366', enabled:true} // Enable specific credit card
  • card_code: Credit card code (string)
  • enabled: Option to enable the credit card (boolean)
Example of enabling only Shinhan Card payment window