Schedule payment API

Schedules a non-authenticated payment using customer_uid.

The result of the payment request can be received (POST request) through the endpoint URL set in notice_url via webhook.

Schedule API

Key request parameter description

schedules * array
Payment schedule
[ Required ]
  • merchant_uid : Merchant order ID (Must be unique for each request)
  • schedule_at : Scheduled time (UNIX timestamp)
  • currency : Currency code (Example: KRW, USD, ... )
  • amount : Amount
[ Optional ]
  • tax_free : Tax free amount out of amount (Default: 0)
  • name : Order name (If omitted, sets to i'mport default setting)
  • buyer_name : Customer name
  • buyer_email : Customer email
  • buyer_tel : Customer phone number
  • buyer_addr : Customer address
  • buyer_postcode : Customer zip code
  • custom_data : Custom data
  • notice_url : Notification URL to receive payment result
(If omitted, sets to Notification URL setting in Admin console)
  • extra.naverUseCfm : Expiration date (string in yyyyMMdd format).
    • Specify if contract between Naver Pay and merchant requires this value for recurring payment.
Schedules Model Schema
"merchant_uid": "your_merchant_uid1",
"schedule_at": 1478150985,
"currency": "KRW",
"amount": 1004,
"name": "order name",
"buyer_name": "customer name",
"buyer_email": "customer email",
"buyer_tel": "customer phone number",
"buyer_addr": "customer address",
"buyer_postcode": "customer zip code"
"merchant_uid": "your_merchant_uid2",
"schedule_at": 1478150985,
"amount": 1004,
"name": "order name",
"buyer_name": "customer name",
"buyer_email": "customer email",
"buyer_tel": "customer phone number",
"buyer_addr": "customer address",
"buyer_postcode": "customer zip code"
pg * string
pg code
This is required when there are multiple API method, non-authenticated PG settings in the Admin console.
If there are multiple MID settings for the same PG, specify as:
{PG}.{PG Merchant ID}
If this is unspecified or set to an invalid value, the default PG is used.
  • If there are 2 PG settings, NICE Payments and JTNet, specify as nice or jtnet.
  • If you have multiple MIDs from NICE Payments, specify as nice.MID1 or nice.MID2.
schedules details
If buyer_name, buyer_email, buyer_tel, buyer_addr, or buyer_postcode is omitted, it is set to the corresponding value of customer_uid (customer_name, customer_email, customer_tel, customer_addr, customer_postcode).
Request Sample Json
"customer_uid": "TEST0001",
"schedules": [
"merchant_uid": "order_id001",
"schedule_at": 1658480415,
"amount": 1004,
"name": "carrot",
Response Model Schema
"code": 0,
"message": "string",
"response": [
"customer_uid": "string",
"merchant_uid": "string",
"imp_uid": "string",
"schedule_at": "0",
"executed_at": "0",
"revoked_at": "0",
"amount": 0,
"name": "string",
"buyer_name": "string",
"buyer_email": "string",
"buyer_tel": "string",
"buyer_addr": "string",
"buyer_postcode": "string",
"custom_data": "string",
"schedule_status": "scheduled",
"payment_status": "paid",
"fail_reason": "string"