Request non-authenticated payment (one-time) API

Requests payment with credit card information.
Requests payment with credit card information without customer authentication.

Key request parameter description

merchant_uid * string
Order ID
Must specify a unique value for each payment request
card_numb * string
Credit card number
Use the correct format (DDDD-DDDD-DDDD-DDDD)
expiry * string
Credit card expiration
Use the correct format (YYYY-MM)
birth * string
Use the correct format (YYMMDD). For corporate cards, specify the 10-digit business registration number
(For foreign cards that don't require DOB, you can set this to 000000)
pg * string
PG code
This is required when there are multiple API method non-authenticated PG settings in the Admin console. If two MIDs are set for the same PG, specify as follows:
{PG}.{PG Merchant ID}
If you pass an unspecified or invalid value, the payment will be made using the default PG value.
  • If there are two PG settings, Nice Payments and JTNet, set pg parameter to nice or jtnet.
  • If you have multiple Merchant IDs from Nice Payments, set pg parameter to nice.MID1 or nice.MID2.
buyer_name * string
Customer name
When using Paymentwall as PG, you must enter a space between the first name and last name.

Example: Michael Jackson

customer_uid * string
Billing key
If this is specified, the billing key is mapped to this value, and you can only process payments with this customer_uid value in the future.
Response Model Schema
"code": 0,
"message": "string",
"response": {
"imp_uid": "string",
"merchant_uid": "string",
"pay_method": "string",
"channel": "pc",
"pg_provider": "string",
"emb_pg_provider": "string",
"pg_tid": "string",
"pg_id": "string",
"escrow": true,
"apply_num": "string",
"bank_code": "string",
"bank_name": "string",
"card_code": "string",
"card_name": "string",
"card_quota": 0,
"card_number": "string",
"card_type": "null",
"vbank_code": "string",
"vbank_name": "string",
"vbank_num": "string",
"vbank_holder": "string",
"vbank_date": 0,
"vbank_issued_at": 0,
"name": "string",
"amount": 0,
"cancel_amount": 0,
"currency": "string",
"buyer_name": "string",
"buyer_email": "string",
"buyer_tel": "string",
"buyer_addr": "string",
"buyer_postcode": "string",
"custom_data": "string",
"user_agent": "string",
"status": "ready",
"started_at": 0,
"paid_at": 0,
"failed_at": 0,
"cancelled_at": 0,
"fail_reason": "string",
"cancel_reason": "string",
"receipt_url": "string",
"cancel_history": [
"pg_tid": "string",
"amount": 0,
"cancelled_at": 0,
"reason": "string",
"receipt_url": "string"
"cancel_receipt_urls": [
"cash_receipt_issued": true,
"customer_uid": "string",
"customer_uid_usage": "issue"