Cancel payment API

Cancels a payment in full or partially regardless of the payment method and PG.

Cancels an approved payment.

Key parameters

imp_uid & merchant_uid
At least one of these parameters must be specified.
checksum integer
Refundable amount
The checksum is used to check whether the refundable amount is the same between the API requester and the i'mport server. If they do not match, the refund request will fail. If the checksum is null, the verification is not performed.
amount * integer
Amount to cancel
If not specified, a full refund is requested.
Response Model Schema
"code": 0,
"message": "string",
"response": {
"imp_uid": "string",
"merchant_uid": "string",
"pay_method": "string",
"channel": "pc",
"pg_provider": "string",
"emb_pg_provider": "string",
"pg_tid": "string",
"pg_id": "string",
"escrow": true,
"apply_num": "string",
"bank_code": "string",
"bank_name": "string",
"card_code": "string",
"card_name": "string",
"card_quota": 0,
"card_number": "string",
"card_type": "null",
"vbank_code": "string",
"vbank_name": "string",
"vbank_num": "string",
"vbank_holder": "string",
"vbank_date": 0,
"vbank_issued_at": 0,
"name": "string",
"amount": 0,
"cancel_amount": 0,
"currency": "string",
"buyer_name": "string",
"buyer_email": "string",
"buyer_tel": "string",
"buyer_addr": "string",
"buyer_postcode": "string",
"custom_data": "string",
"user_agent": "string",
"status": "ready",
"started_at": 0,
"paid_at": 0,
"failed_at": 0,
"cancelled_at": 0,
"fail_reason": "string",
"cancel_reason": "string",
"receipt_url": "string",
"cancel_history": [
"pg_tid": "string",
"amount": 0,
"cancelled_at": 0,
"reason": "string",
"receipt_url": "string"
"cancel_receipt_urls": [
"cash_receipt_issued": true,
"customer_uid": "string",
"customer_uid_usage": "issue"