Learn how to sign up and set up the Admin page for integrating payments using i'mport.

1. Create an i'mport account

For payment integration, you must first create an account from the i'mport Admin Sign Up page.

You can sign up for free without a contract.

Create an i'mport account now

Just need to provide your "email address".

Use a “strong password" to protect it from unauthorized access.

Click Sign up from the pages below to create an account.

2. Set up PG

After creating an i'mport account, go to the Admin page and click Payment integration -> Test settings tab and select the target PG.

You can configure PG-specific test settings from the Test settings tab.

Test settings and live account settings for each PG are different. For detailed information about each PG settings, go to Set up PG.

3. Check integration settings

You can check the integration settings required for payment window integration and API calls.

  1. Log in to i'mport Admin Console -> Merchant account -> Select My ID - API Keys

  2. Check your Merchant ID/REST API Key/REST API Secret.

Since this is sensitive data that can be used to manipulate payment details, be sure to protect it from unauthorized access.

  • A unique value assigned to each ChaiPort Admin console account.

  • A unique code used to initialize the object when calling the payment window.

  • Provide this ID when making a technical inquiry for a faster response.

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